Planning for Digital Literacy

This part of the pack is for people who want to run a digital literacy programme.
You might be in all kinds of roles, such as a curriculum manager, a social landlord, a librarian or community centre manager.

Use the tabs below to decide how you are going to plan and implement your programme.

Before starting a digital literacy course you need to ask:

  • How will people be learning? A formal course, informal / volunteer
    support, self directed learning?
  • Where will people be learning? Online, in a classroom / community
    room, in their own flats?
  • What resources will people be using? What do they need to provide
    and what do you need to provide?
  • Why are people going to want to engage with digital literacy? What’s
    the hook to get them started?

The Planning Cards will help you think about some of these things, while the
tutor cards will show you how a tutor might go forward to set up the course.

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